Save your own wealth: an overview of powerful charms to attract money and good luck

Everyone's efforts for well-being, a better life, abundance are quite natural and understandable. If you live, then you experience the joy of opportunity and personal expansion. It happens that someone works hard, keeps working, but the lack of money will not go away. There is a way to revive good luck.

How do you know if your fate is lost?

how to bring good luck into your life

It is necessary to look at the balance of labor costs and the results obtained from the results. If you are an active person, do not sit still, try various options to make money, but often or always it happens that the right result does not come, then luck has turned away from you. Or, for example, you have your own business, which generates high fixed income, but the decline starts abruptly, and generous cash flow turns into a small channel.

It makes sense to think about the fact that lucky women no longer like you. The same thing happened when financial problems occurred in all areas.

For example, you do not pay your debts, at the same time you have to borrow money, your car is damaged, keys are lost, salaries are deferred. Or an apartment you decide to buy a price increase.

There are several reasons for losing luck:

  • karma. In this case, the fault lies with you. Recently, you can be overly selfish, become rude, take unfair things belonging to others, which makes them dangerous. Or, for example, they collect items without gratitude. We are in a position that the whole world owes to you. In this case, there is no external magic influence on you;
  • alluvial negative. In this case, financial problems and good fortune are associated with the jealousy of someone or a group of people against you. This can be a competitor in the field of general activities, colleagues. Unfortunately, friends and family can deliberately ruin your life;
  • coincidence.Your coincidence is not directly negatively affected, but through the objects you take on the street, financial problems arise, and success is futile. It can be a suitable banknote, gold jewelry, any interesting object you want to take and check in your hand. That is, the person throws away negative and unimportant things for him who will actually be the victim of a negative program.

How fate is left. Security

magic spells to attract money

Luckily through the influence of magical properties. You can't wait for an attack, but try to protect your business or yourself first. The jealousy or negative thoughts of the average person cannot penetrate the defense.

Only people with strength can have a strong impact with the consequences. That is, the envious person has the skills to do a magical job, or an expert is paid for the job.

In the event that you find a strange object at the entrance of the apartment or premises where you do business, do not rush to take it for disposal. Note the safety precautions, things like this are only taken with a bag or rubber gloves (fabric does not fit).

As soon as you take the item, say: “I am not mine and corruption is not mine. That's right. "Remove the item from the area close to the item. Try not to take food from co-workers at work, often with the sweetness of the person delivering the negative.

Eat sweets at their own will - they swallow destructive programs. Now they are in your field and are starting to influence. You have the right to refuse food or, after receiving it, not to eat.

Get rid of it unnoticed by the person who gave you the gift. Maybe he does not want evil and the candy is a harmless food. Throwing it into an unethical bucket. If you notice that there are difficulties in working day to day or there are problems in the team, check your workplace. Check the back of the table and fill the night bed.

If there is wax or chewing gum, remove it and note further corrections to your difficult condition. While throwing, say the same word as shown above.

How do I check for negative programs?

There are several ways to view. Some of it can be done independently, some with expert help. You can see for yourself your personal photos. In addition to him, you will need a candle holder and a glass of water. Place the photo on the table where only you are captured.

Photos with animals or body parts taken will not work. Put a glass of water on the photo, light a candle, let it light a little and say: "Dad's fire, mom's water, show me if there is a negative program going on for me. "

Tilt the wax over the water and observe the wax reaction and the color of the wax. If the candle explodes and sparkles, it melts quickly, something negative. The dark lines on the candles in the glass also indicate its presence. They examine their business in the same way. Write on a piece of paper the name of your shop, cafe. Put it in place of the photo and preview it.

Experts will help you understand the negative existence with the help of a card, either on an oracle system or on a Tarot card. If it is found to be negative, it must be removed. Next, perform the ritual of purification and place the protection.


acorn as a symbol of wealth

Save popular to attract success and money:

  • seeds, seeds and chestnuts are symbols of wealth. To make a money magnet, you can mention it. Say in a whisper (in this case, on the seeds): “How true the seeds grow on the tree, so it is true that my income increases. The fruits are in my bag, and I count a lot of money. So be it. "Bring the fruit into your bag;
  • crocodile teeth contribute to success and victory. But know that the animal cannot be killed by you or your relatives;
  • to this day, people believe in the greatness of horseshoes. It continues to hang in front of the door of a house, office or shop. To enhance the effect, horseshoe is pronounced;
  • peacock feathers help financially, but not everyone. Greedy people will only make their situation worse. And notice that there is an interesting picture on the tip of the pen, the shape is similar to the eye. Therefore, you can not cheat the pen. Learn to love and respect the energy of money, only after that buy this savings;
  • The laughing Buddha. If you do 144 circular motions along his abdomen clockwise and think of your wishes, after a few seconds it will come true;
  • jewelry stores sell silver spatulas and small gold that can be uttered when money arrives and is put in the wallet. Usually the plot is written on the back of the label. Read on small amulets 9-12 times;
  • Attractive mint leaves will serve as a money magnet in your wallet. Four-leaf clover will occur as well;
  • bil. Ideally the banknote has the number 5. No matter what the name (50 rubles, 500 rubles, 5000 rubles). Billing can be given to you by a good person, but what is found cannot be used. It should not even be taken. You need to mix paper money with "money" (musk) oil and place it on a full moon or on a moon that grows at night on the window sill. The strongest effect will occur if the ceremony is performed on Thursday. The days of the week are associated with Jupiter, which is responsible for the material aspects of our lives. Carry money in your wallet or keep it in a box where you will save money;
  • talisman to attract good luck
  • on a rock or a piece of wood, you can depict a runik symbol or formula responsible for the flow of money. Take it with you, keep it at home with money, or put it in your photo. One of the following runes will be performed - fehy, ingyz (giving abundance and fertility to its owner), yryz (symbolizing action, sun and success). Rarely, but coincidentally after wearing a talisman with a rune, the opposite situation worsens. In this case, you need to stop wearing the talisman and bury it. Rune does not suit you or does not want to help. If a rune is applied to a photo with your picture, it is enough to rip the photo where the mark is depicted. If the rune has started to bear fruit, enjoy the results. In order to wish you success, place a symbol on the photo, where only you are present. There should be no animals, so there is no attraction to them. Or so that the pet does not get sick if the runner refuses to help;
  • you can make your own doll or place an order from the master if you are not confident in your abilities. Coins or banknotes, peanuts or special beans are placed inside the doll. The doll itself is placed in the hall or in the kitchen. This is the zone responsible for the abundance of houses. The doll can be hidden or placed in full view of the incoming guests, but remains intact. It should also not be discussed about its function, you can only show that it is a talisman.