Amulets and talismans of Vanga

Energy-a powerful amulet of Vanga help you to cope with any challenge. The great clairvoyant helped during the whole life, and asked her about it.

She did not refuse never, sometimes, even to the detriment of themselves. In spite of the disease, and senile. weakness, the seer, doing miracles, and he saved a life, has driven the needy in the right way.

And even after so many years, their advice and recommendations for not losing the relevance. All the conspiracies, that said, at work, and its power is great. It is always recommended to believe in yourself and use the magic of talismans and amulets for support.

amulet wangi

Known all over the world Vanga said that the staff ward (amulet) should be personal – do not fall on the eyes of other people. Also, according to her, it is important to contact with the amulet, the constant contact. And then happiness is yours, soon you will come: your life totally transformed, and the eyes Shine.

A talisman of good luck and money of Vanga

The seer always affirmed that the nature stores a lot of magical thing – you just need to be able to use this magic. Here, for example, leaves of currant and branches are able to resolve the difficulties of life and help you survive the crisis.

If you make an amulet of red currants for the luck and the money of Vanga can be forever, forget about complex situations. You will get everything you want. Important, sincerely for the goal.

When you reach the spring, cut some branches with a Bush of red currants. It's not worth to choose thick and strong – that they will bring good fruits. You appropriate and small twigs.

Also for the manufacture of the mascot will need duct tape in the color green: make three cuts. Each of the tapes should be more than just a branch.

Now start to weave pigtail, gradually, by using a branch, then the tape. Resulting from a default gift in a ring. In appearance, the amulet should be similar on the bracelet.

With the help of three we clamp both ends. And place it about the time mascot away from the eyes. Branch should be allowed to dry. And after that, the amulet was fully ready.

You can attach it to your purse for the keys. Or to simply use in your arm. It is important, for what you have done with it a lot of time. And, at the end of the year, clear the mascot – he was already exhausted and did all his work. Destroy it in the flames. And create a new one.

mascot wangi

The ritual with the salt against the evil eye and spoilage of Vanga

Vanga is a very lovingly referred to the magic properties of salt. And encouraged him to use it to solve many of the problems of life.

For example, she said that the luck will surely return to the family, if you water abundantly sills salt. The salt will drive away foreign magical intervention.

After that, how vital, the situation stabilizes, the need to betray the magical salt of the earth (was added drop-by-drop), since it already absorbed all it prevents negative. It is best to choose a place away from your house, that anything bad is not back to back.

Ward-the conspiracy of Vanga

Gives everything the wrong hands, and you lost your faith in the possible success? Use the advice of the great prophetess – you will not notice how to return inner strength and the will to win.

Vanga advised to use the following magic words to create a special personal mascot:

When a magical ritual is necessarily must burn candles – Vanga was referring to he is very careful. I thought that the flame and the wax they give special the magic combination, to attract positive energy and harmony.

As a mascot, you can choose the one that you like the subject. For example, a good effect to give precious stones.

The ritual of Vanga, for which the money grow

Sometimes people get good results in business and your profits happy each day. But here's maintain obtained the sum and to stabilize its position is not easy – especially for beginners. And the task is very serious.

There is a strong ritual, about which he often spoke Vanga. She promised to all who will use her powerful magic, the sustainability in business questions and constant increase of monetary profit. In addition, the rite has a protective effect: you are able to forget the fear of being robbed. Villains, even close and are not suitable to your business.


Then, select the currency note or coin. It does not matter the value that will be large or not. In all the actions of the main ritual is the faith. The note pinch of salt, and do so with generosity.

In this case, make the sponsors signs. Now, place it in an isolated place. Yes, take care of their reliability: "no man shall find their stock!

Within thirty days the round will mark the energy of power and will be ready to continue the rite. The salt, which was the note, it must enter into a natural environment. Better would be to throw it in the earth, or even out of the water.