How to make a good luck charm, a wonderful amulet in the house

The mascot is called objects that bring good luck to its owner. The talismans can be made yourself or purchased, can appear to be sophisticated or completely commonly.

But the greatest effect have the talismans, which are made by yourself, and all because the talismans they carry the energy of the owner. The talismans are made not only to free themselves from the evil eye or spoilage, but also to attract wealth and happiness.

the talisman

For those who need these talismans.

A lot of famous people enjoy various talismans, who are one of the reasons for the success. Those charms, that man carries with him, it absorbs in itself all the information and then reworking the information and give useful to its owner.

But not only jewelry or jewelry can become talismans. Some of the popular people think of her talisman and pets, and plush toys.

From what you can make talismans.

To fabricate the mascot is the case, you can take any material, but more often for such purposes, the use of jewelry. The materials they use for the amulet is of precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst or jasper, shells found on the shore of the sea, rings, earrings, bracelets, buckles, brooches, pins, cufflinks. Other items that can be made of cardboard or wood, and clay sculpture.

All of the charms, usually made up of people who know how to energy, with the help of which you can attract luck and happiness. These people are psychics, and sorcerers, and healers and witches, the magicians and the wise men. And for the manufacture of the talismans, the magicians is spent a lot of energy and spend forces and these ceremonies are held in a day. As well as take into account the structure of the material, date of birth, the day and the hour of the day, when it is done or amulet, the zodiac sign of the owner.

And it is not a good market, so many people are looking for the talismans to do it themselves. But a few people think that a ritual is necessary to conduct properly, with a clear sequence of actions. When the talismans produces the same magician, during the ritual the magician recites the prayer of strength and conspiracies to amulets have had a strong impact on its owner.

The mascot, which is made by luck is no longer a source of strength to the wearer. But not necessarily as the mascot to wear and more close to the body. For this amulet possessed still greater force, on its surface applied with special characters, that can be encrypted spell.

Plan for the creation of the mascot

  1. Define a goal
  2. Create the image of an amulet mentally
  3. Create or buy
  4. Clean
  5. Load

The talismans lucky charms

iron horse

A magic bag

Magic bags used by the witches in different directions. They have created for different purposes. they have filled their base of herbs, stones, and other fillers and activated.

To attract luck you need to sew a golden bag to Add the crystal glass, oak leaves, clover and basil.

The mascot, which will bring good luck – stone.

To make the mascot of the natural materials, and more specifically, on the stone, will be in need only of a stream and stone. During a walk near the river must find the right stone, and draw on its surface, his desire. For example, if the desire is to get a huge amount, the big house, the travel, the strength of the family, and health. After the stone has been drawn in desire, is necessary in the counter-clockwise around the river, clutching the hand of a rock and to concentrate on his desire. After all completed, then it is worth of this stone to throw back into the stream.

Rune mascot

Many esoteric successfully used the runes for the realization of desires, to attract favorable events.

They are made of stone and wood, it is possible to apply the formula is not a photo, on a sheet of paper.

And then turn on. This can be accomplished with the help of the saliva, for example ,the blood, the breath. The methods of activation are based on personnel strength.

If you want to ask to the Deity or element, then here, without the ritual can not do without. Usually use 4 elements, after the rite are offered.

Here are some formulas for luck:

Dagaz, Saul, Saul, Saul, Wunjo - reinforcement luck

Teywaz, Saul, Kano,Saul, Teywaz - the success, the luck

Still I would like to emphasize that when you create a talisman, runic use a plot. His text it is possible to search on the net, or to compose alone. Of course, the strongest, but for beginners it is possible to take someone else's, to reduce to a minimum the possible errors during the creation.

Mascot, haunted on the bag.

When the moon is in the first phase – it begins to grow, you need to sew the red bag piece. During the second day of this bag put a little bit of spices, cloves, pepper, allspice, a bit of fennel, a bay leaf, the rosemary and the mint. During the end, as in a bag, put these spices you need to read the prayer "our Father". And after the prayer has been read, you must read the secret combinations of words:


"The little house of grass to the commandment of God of fortune for himself and his luck. And let it will be so. 3 times Amen.

For three full moons this bag you need to put on the window sill. This mascot will begin working only after all this will be done. And the effect is intensified, this best pouch to wear close to the heart.

Plot in a coin that brings good fortune in business.

The small coin is made of a plot to bring good luck in the trade. Within six days after the purchase to pick up the rest and collected the amount necessary to buy a notebook, a pen and a key ring and a good luck charm for the seventh day. Start to collect the money you need for the first day of the new moon. After that all purchases that are purchased, the rest of my little thing serves to throw over the shoulder to a fork in the road, and saying:

"All full paid and paid. Let it be so".

Then there is a need to go home and not look back and do not talk with anyone on the street. And the items that were purchased become talismans the case.

There is a lot of plots, that will be able to attract luck and happiness, these methods can be found on the internet. Everything was done according to the rules and with the relative consistency.

How to clean

Any magic attribute clean before use. How can you do? Here are the easiest ways:

  1. Through the candle.

Buy or make wax of a candle, to write a "needle-purification of the mascot", light a candle and raised the mascot, reciting the "our Father" ( about 5-10 cm). You can do in the form of a cross motion.

  1. Water.

Put the sign under the running water for 10 minutes.

  1. Salt

For 3 days the mascot can be placed in a large salt.

How to recharge

  1. Simple methods: the breath, the saliva, the blood, with the attached intention. That is, it sets the program for your amulet.
  2. Rituals.

Charging light

  1. Focus on the objectives of character magic.
  2. Ask the Universe for a blessing ritual.
  3. Put the mascot in the hand.
  4. Imagine the amount of light that comes from above. As you fill. Located energy.
  5. Aim the flow of this energy to the mascot. With the program.
  6. Thanks to the universe.

Elementary method

  • Tune in on the ritual.
  • Put on an altar (table), 4 elements elements. Salt, water, incense and a candle. The center of the symbol, which will charge you.
  • Activate the elements, that is, light a candle and incense, agitate the water and the salt.
  • Read a spell for each element. ( create your own)

For example:

"The power of fire, fill my good luck charm with his energy. Upload it on to attract luck. The truth"

  • Read read

"The power of Fire, Water, Air, and Land, unite. Upload my good-luck energy. Let attracts the luck in my life. Yes, it will be so.

  • Finished the ritual
  • Course offerings elements

After the production of an amulet, bring it with you. After 6-12 months, buried with words of gratitude. And create a new one.

All The Best For You. )