Instructions for use Money Amulet

How to apply the money amulet Money Amulet

How to apply Money Amulet

Magical talismans Money Amulet possess great strength, so they are used with much caution and care to relate to them. Keep amulets recommended on the bag, because that is where people store their everyday tasks money. But lately it is increasingly possible to find talismans, which are used as pendant in the neck. In this case, it is advisable that the amulet was no longer possible to the body of the owner (it is recommended to use it in fabric or leather, ties, and better under the clothes). If the mascot will start to negrinha, must be clean and, again, to speak, to what it would bring luck and wealth.

The conspiracy of joss Money Amulet

Usually, people prefer to order already заговоренные money currency Money Amulet. The magic that is related to material values, is one of the oldest, so that the most strongest conspiracies only known to be hereditary to the kings mages and the black mages. But some monks and priests are not ashamed to share their knowledge and skills, making it after the purchase money of amulets, you can give them greater force.

There are a few important rules, such as заговаривать magic of talismans:

  • the plot is advisable to do at night, under Thursday (especially on the full moon);
  • during the performance of magical rituals it is advisable to light candles;
  • your thoughts must be directed to achieve the desired objectives;
  • it is worth thinking about the forces and influences that you want to equip the amulet;
  • the costume you need to put on a cloth of a scarlet colour;
  • after the conspiracy of preference to play policies for the window, for its enlightened with the light of the moon;
  • заговоренные of the coin, it is necessary to line the fabric and place under the pillow, to the power which he wrought in you, when you sleep;
  • in the morning, after waking up, the amulet, it is worth putting in the portfolio;
  • preferably the nobody the no-show of a magical amulet of luck and don't brag about other people, that you have the money away, because of another person's envy may involve the strength of an amulet against you.

Only if you will comply with all these recommendations, you can give the mascot Money Amulet the power, that will bring you the best material.

Care амулетом Money Amulet

Like any other round, money, currency, demand for themselves the respect and care. The magic and the mascot has not lost its force, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • to maintain the currency you need within your wallet or any secret pockets of the clothes;
  • the amulet need to wrap in a clean cloth, because the money they hate dirt and love purity;
  • it's not worth getting discouraged, if you do not realize the effect of the action of mascot for some time – to turn away work, you need patience and to believe in the final result;
  • it is worth to hide the amulet from prying eyes, because it must have an impact only on their luck;
  • coins, you may not sell or lose – you must send them only by inheritance to your children or grandchildren;
  • if you want to give money amulet as a gift, then you need to buy a new product, which had no other owner;
  • in any case, we must not forget the magical талисмане – it's worth it to regularly check it to recharge your energy.

If you exercise faith in the power of the amulet Money Amuletthe effect of your action, you will see in the near future. But it is worth considering that, in addition to hope magic mascot, need of yourself and exert some kind of aspirations and actions to achieve success. So, if you want to get a good well paid job, then it is not possible to spend days to stay in the house and ask joss to the long-awaited employment. Need to go to job interviews and to please the future employer and the magic round, in this case, give you the luck, thanks to which you can win the fight by лакомую position of other candidates.